How to Find the Clip Tray in your LG Device? 3 Easy Steps

The clip tray is a memory or storage area on LG Android handsets where you can save small items. Do you would like to be able to easily access the contents of the Clip Tray whenever and wherever you want? LG Android phone users are struggling to find and activate clip tray, also known as clipboard, in their phone, but this article can assist you in resolving your problem.

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How do you use your phone’s Clip Tray?

Step 1:

First and foremost, you should go to my Clip Tray on your LG device, as it cannot be accessed or opened directly because it is not an app. From the start, you should be aware that you can retrieve items saved on it by long-pressing a blank area of a text field and then tapping paste. The concern with clip tray is that on a few LG handsets, you can only save one item to it, which is overwritten if another item is saved to it.

Step 2:

Once you duplicate or cut something, the items always get saved in the Clip Tray for a short time. As a direct consequence, once you long-press on the screen to paste something, whatever is copied onto the clip tray is pasted immediately. The clip tray can only be cleared by duplicating any small empty space to it. It will overwrite anything previously copied to it with a blank space in this manner.

Step 3:

You can copy images or texts and save them by pressing go to my Clip Tray, but the limited number may be a concern for a few of you. 

If you agree, but the idea of a clipboard still appeals to you, I have another suggestion. Clipper – Clipboard Manager, to be specific, can be downloaded from the Google Play store. This app saves everything you copy and allows you to access your clipboard history or organise clippings in lists, giving you complete control over copy and paste.

Clipper does not use the phone’s built-in clip tray; instead, it keeps the data in its own place, eliminating the prior issue regardless of device.

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How to go to Clip Tray on an LG Android Phone?

The clip tray on an LG Android phone is a memory or storage area where you may save small items. Because it is not an App, it cannot be immediately accessed or viewed, but you can restore items stored on it by lon-tapping a vacant area of a text field and then pressing paste. The issue with clip tray is that certain phones only allow you to save one item to it, which is overwritten if you save another item to it.

You could also try long-tapping any text field and then selecting’more options’ to clear the clip tray (three dots on the right). Then, choose ‘clip tray.’ You can clear your copies by selecting them in the clip tray options.

Afering you activate clip tray, if you want a more workable clip tray, go to the Google Playstore and install the App Clipper – Clipboard Manager. The App does not use the phone’s built-in clip tray, instead storing the data in its own area. Everything you copy is automatically saved. You can later connect your clip tray history and rearrange your clippings as desired. Furthermore, Clipper allows you to copy, paste, view, edit, and share the content that has been copied to it. So, you can quickly exchange whatever you want to Facebook using the Clipper App.

Long-pressing the text cursor will activate clip tray, and a box will appear allowing you to select the clip tray. Some phones, such as Samsung and LG, include a cliptray in their stock keyboard app, which should be accessible via a button on the bottom left of the keyboard.

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A clip tray, often known as a clipboard, is a small place on your LG Android phone where you may save small files such as text or images. The copied text is also saved to a clipboard or clip tray. Simply press on the blank text area of your LG android mobile phone to access the clip tray or clipboard.

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