“ADB Server Is Out Of Date. killing…” Easy Fix

oid apps? Usually, this message interferes with the process of debugging and sometimes even terminates it. The full message appears as follows:

adb server is out of date. killing…

*daemon started successfully *

Or, you may still face the error:

*daemon started successfully *

*daemon is still not running error: cannot connect to daemon*

This warning generally appears when you use HTC sync to debug through USB.

This issue is common and straightforward to resolve. Though, before fixing it, we need to know what is the cause behind the disturbance.

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What is causing ‘adb server is out of date. killing…’ error?

As we know this problem is faced when we try to debug by connection to PC via USB, the phone detects it. The sync application of our phone detects that you have connected to your PC and tries to forward an IP/TCP port to it.

From its directories, the phone sync application runs adb.exe to forward the IP/TCP port. Then when you attempt debugging it with Android SDK, it launches adb.exe. 

Even so, the later adb.exe recognizes the former adb.exe which is running and kills its operation. 

The whole process breaks the port mapping. The phone sync application detects this faulty port mapping. It then starts the adb.exe from SDK. And once this sets in before the debugging is complete, the message ‘adb server is out of date. killing…’ will appear on the screen. The debugging will then be terminated.

This is the main cause why ‘adb server out of date’ pops up during debugging process.

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Ways of fixing the ‘adb server is out of date killing daemon started successfully’ 

Now that we have known when the ‘adb server is out of date killing daemon started successfully’ appears, we will move on to ways of resolving it. 

The most expedient approach to repair the issue is to locate and remove the earlier version of theadb.exe. Once you delete the older version, the syncing will stop.

Anyhow, you may use the ADBFix tool to help with the problem. The tool detects the older versions of adb.exe responsible for the adb server out of date error and places a stub in that place. The stub now launches the adb.exe from SDK so that no issues appear.

Follow the instructions to execute the process:

  • Make a connection between your phone and PC via a USB.
  • Ensure “ADBFix” is pre-downloaded and tested on your computer.
  • Specify the location of the Android SDK.
  • After that, click on “Fix all’. This will resolve the error you have been facing while debugging.
  • As soon as the fault is repaired, the status will be changed to “Fixed” and your problem will be gone.

The method mentioned is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fix the ‘adb server out of date. killing….’ error. Other methods are there but they are more complicated requiring knowledge of computer programming.

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