Airpod Case Not Charging Fix | 4 Easy Methods

Wired headphones are becoming outdated as they are being replaced by airpods. Airpods are non-fussy, easily usable, and rechargeable. Many popular electronic brands have launched airpods that come with great battery life. However, there are some instances when the airpod case fails to charge and people wonder why the airpod case not charging issue occurs. As, when you wish to recharge your airpods after use, they won’t. The main reasons why your airpod case is not charging and how you can mend it are mentioned in the article. 

Why is my airpod case not charging? 

my airpod case is not charging

The probable reasons why your AirPod case is not charging are summarized below.

  • It is possible that your AirPod case won’t charge because the data port in the charging socket is dirty. Lint and other dust particles can get lodged in the charging socket and prevent it. So, you will encounter the AirPod case not charging issue when you plug it in. 
  • In case you are wondering ‘why my AirPod case is not charging,’ there might be an issue with the power source. Make sure that the electrical connection has a sufficient amount of power to charge your cases. 
  • A software issue might also be the cause. There may be a bug in the operating system. A hard reset should be performed to resolve the problem. 

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4 Ways to fix ‘My AirPod is not charging’ 

Before complaining to customer support that “my AirPod is not charging,” let us look into some ways we can handle the issue. 

1. Reset the AirPods 

First and foremost, try re-setting your AirPods. This is an excellent troubleshooting step to try first-hand. To continue the troubleshooting, follow the steps: 

  • Long press the setup button found at the back of your case. 
  • The status light starts flickering amber and then white. As soon as it turns white, let go of the setup button. 
  • The AirPod case should start charging now. 

Resetting cleans the operating system, which generally resolves the issue. Nonetheless, if the problem still exists, try the following step. 

2. Check the chargers

If your problem still exists after resetting, check each of the electronic components that are charging. You should start with your lightning cable power adapter.

If a computer, wall adapter, or vehicle charger is being used, inspect each of them. If any of them appears damaged, replace it with a non-faulty one. 

3. Clean the charging ports 

The next step to resolving the mystery of “why is my AirPod case not charging” is to clean the charging ports of the case. To clean any lint or dirt, use cotton or a toothpick to scrape it out. Please avoid using anything metal or anything damp as it might cause a circuit and damage your cases permanently. 

4. Check the charging cable 

If you are using a cable that is not MFI-verified, it might cause a problem. For a better connection, replace the charging cable with a verified one. This might work out in resolving the difficulty. 


We hope you have found the answer to ‘my AirPod case is not charging’ in this article. Do let us know in the comments. If you have any questions related to why is my airpod case not charging issue, mention them in the comments down below.

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