Instagram Failed To Send Message | 5 Easy Ways To Fix

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been a trending platform. Before learning about Instagram failed to send message error, let’s talk a little about Instagram. It started as a photo and video sharing network but has expanded its features over the years. The recently added features such as IGTV and reels have taken the internet by storm. It reached 1 billion users, giving tough competition to YouTube and other video platforms.

Nowadays, Instagram is more popular than Facebook. Users prefer to be active on Insta more than on Facebook because of its unique features. Instagram now has more user engagement than its competitors like Twitter and Snapchat. 

Despite of being the fastest growing social media platform, the software crashes sometimes. It fails to send messages or refresh the news feed. It often reports ‘failed to send message’ Instagram when you try to direct message your friends. This error occurs frequently but is not a matter of worry. In this article, we will take you thru some quick fixes to the issue.

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5 Quick fixes to ‘Instagram DM failed to send’ issue:

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If you are one of the users whose Instagram often says ‘failed to send message Instagram’, then you have landed on the correct article. There may be few reasons why the app is behaving in such manner. Let us take a look at the reasons and ways of resolving it.

1. Internet issues

Often the user is unaware that the internet connection is lost and while messaging their friends, encounter the ‘Instagram DM failed to send’ error. So, the first step would be to check for internet network issues. Try to open other apps or browsers to make sure Internet is running properly on your device.

2. Blocked by the recipient

If you are facing the issue ‘Instagram failed to send message’, there might be a possibility that the user has blocked you. If that is the scenario, Instagram won’t let your message go through the user. To confirm that is the issue, message your other friends and check if the message is being delivered. If yes, then the user has certainly blocked you. You can request your friend to unblock you and resolve the matter.

3. You are involved in spamming activities

Recently, Instagram has been cracking down on users who engage in spamming activities. If you were harassing users by sending lots of irrelevant messages and content, then Instagram might block you from sending messages. So, Instagram failed to send message will appear every time you try to DM someone. However, this rarely occurs, but it’s better not to indulge in spamming activities.

4. Server problem of Instagram

One main reason why your Instagram is saying ‘failed to send message’ is the glitch with Instagram servers. Sometimes, the servers go down when the app is under maintenance, and Instagram fails to load data. In such a scenario, we can only wait till the servers start working properly.

5. Post may be deleted

Many users report that when some posts are no longer active, they face the issue of ‘failed to send message.’

Clear the cache data of Instagram app on your phone.

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Usually, the mentioned methods fix the ‘Instagram failed to send message’ error. But if none of them is working, you should contact Instagram support. I hope you found this

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