What Does Fruits Mean On Snapchat? Meaning Of All Fruits

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other online platforms have emojis as one of the most used features. People nowadays use emojis more than words as sign language in the online world and wonder what does fruits mean on snapchat. You just have to send the emojis to the other person, and your message will get interpreted without asking any questions. What is the fruit meaning on Snapchat is a commonly asked question. In this article, I will tell you what fruits mean on Snapchat and help you know what is the fruit thing on snapchat for all the fruits.

What is the Fruit Thing on Snapchat?

What does the fruits mean on Snapchat? This question might have worried you. But now don’t worry. You can interpret the fruit meanings on Snapchat in many ways. One fruit emoji indicates the following things:

  • Many people want to keep their relationship secret, so they use fruit emojis to tell
  • about their relationship secretly.
  • Some fruit emojis indicates sexual things. Some people send emojis to talk about
  • something sexual.
  • Fruits are something which people love to eat. So sometimes they don’t want to type
  • and directly send the emojis so you can understand.

All these points answer your question, “what is the fruit meaning on snapchat?” Now, let’s move to what is the fruit thing on snapchat for a particular fruit.

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Here’s What Does Fruits Mean on Snapchat

People use this emoji to indicate that they are single.

It is used to say that the relationship is complicated.

Anyone uses it to say that they are not looking to give the commitment to one person only.

Apple indicates that the person is engaged.
It also means sexual seduction and is often used as slang that means testicles.
It is sometimes associated with a woman’s breasts.

Cherry 🍒
Cherry fruit meanings on Snapchat is used to indicate that the person is already in a relationship.
It is also used to symbolize breasts and testicles.
It expresses happiness and positivity.

Peach 🍑
Peach doesn’t indicate anything related to relationships, but it has some sexual meanings. It represents the ass and sometimes the vagina too.

Banana 🍌
Banana indicates you are married, and in sexual terms, it indicates penis.

Avocado 🥑
Avocado is that you are the better half in a romantic relationship.

Strawberry 🍓
Strawberry fruit meanings on Snapchat indicates that you can’t find the person of your choice whom you want to be in a relationship with.
It indicates sexual interest.
It is also used to indicate the sweet nature of an individual, creepiness and disapproval.

Lemon 🍋
Lemon represents that you want to be single.
It is also used to indicate something unpleasant.

Raisin indicates that you want to get married to the person you are currently in a relationship with.

Grapes 🍇
Grapes can be used to represent the testicles.
It is generally used in association with wine.

Watermelon 🍉
Watermelon is often used to indicate boobs.

Pear 🍐
Pear is used to represent the body shape of a woman.
It often indicates eating healthily.

Orange 🍊
Orange indicates sweet and sour fruit. In China, it is used to indicate lesbian funnily. Other fruits like pomegranate also indicate their simple meanings related to their taste and characteristics.

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Final Words

I hope this article has helped you to know what does fruits mean on Snapchat. If you still have any queries regarding what does fruits mean

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