How To Delete USPS Account? 2 Easy Methods

USPS is an acronym for American Post Office and Mail service company which send parcel or mail to the provided address. The company has a website where users can create and edit their accounts from time to time to track the parcel status, purchase stamp sticks and many other things. Many of you want to know how to delete USPS account. There can be many reasons behind your decision to delete USPS account, like receiving unwanted emails from the company, which is irritating for everyone or your work being done with the company. You don’t want to continue services. 

Whatever the reason is, this article will guide you step by step on the USPS delete account. 

If you are frustrated by the emails, you can either mark those emails as spam or unsubscribe the mail by selecting the unsubscribe link given in the mail. 

Till now, there are only two ways one how to delete USPS account. Following are the ways:

  1. Via website 
  2. By sending Email 

Way 1: How to delete USPS account via a website? 

This is the first way your USPS delete account can be done. Follow the steps given below to delete your USPS account: 

  • Visit the URL that I am providing you here: “” 
  • After visiting the URL, you will be redirected to the contact us page. Click on the SEND EMAIL option provided below the contact us title. 
  • Tap on 
  • After clicking on, a form will appear on your screen; choose “MY ONLINE ACCOUNT“. 
  • Select the profile and then tap on the “CONTINUE” button visible on your screen.
  • Enter the username on the message box, and then you will be asked the reason behind your decision to UPSP delete account. 
  • Type your genuine reason and click on the “CONTINUE” option. 
  • Fill out the entire form provided, and then after filling the form, submit it. These are the simple steps you must follow if you want to delete your account via the app.

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Way 2: how to delete a USPS account by sending an Email? 

  • This is the second way you might be interested in, by which your USPS delete account can be done. Follow the steps: 
  • Before doing anything, you have to open your registered email account.
  • The email address that you have to send the Email to is
  • Mention the subject as “Delete my USPS account” or anything like this that clearly states your reason behind the mail. 
  • You should state the reason behind why you want to delete your account. Mention the name, Email and phone number in the body section. 
  • Tap on the “send button”
  • Both these ways are legit. You can follow any of these according to your convenience. 

I have mentioned the step-by-step process of how to delete a USPS account. I hope this will help you, but you can ask in the comment section if you still have any doubt.

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