Instagram Story Won’t Upload? 6 Easy Ways To Fix It

Instagram introduced its new feature of adding stories to the app last August. It allows posting videos and photos that are active for 24 hours and disappear afterward. Even after the app is flawlessly built, there appear to be some glitches. Sometimes, users complain that the Instagram story won’t upload. This might be caused by some errors, which are easy to fix. Let us discuss the solutions to the problem in this article.

How to know if your Instagram story upload has failed?

When an Instagram story upload fails, there appears to be a retry button encouraging you to try again. You might also see a black screen with a loading circle in the bottom right corner of the page.

You will also notice that Instagram won’t let you delete the story in case you try to upload it from the camera roll again. Even after waiting for some time, if Instagram shows ‘unable to post story’, it indicates that the story upload has failed.

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Instagram upload failed? Try these to fix now.

The popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed in recent times. All the traffic from other popular apps has been directed toward Instagram. So, when there are some glitches in the app, it becomes a matter of concern, mainly when an Instagram story won’t upload. As a way out, we have come up with a few solutions when Instagram upload fails.

1. Restart your Wi-Fi

Uploading Instagram story requires a strong internet connection. In case your Instagram story upload failed, try restarting your Wi-Fi. Refreshing your internet connection may resolve the issue.  If the first solution fails to work, move on to the next suggestion.

2. Restart the app

The first step to combatting the issue is to restart the app. Restarting the app refreshes the page, fixing any glitches causing the app to crash. Once you reopen the app, try uploading the story again. Your story might upload effortlessly now.

3. Reupload the story

When your Instagram upload fails repeatedly, delete the story and post again. If it was recorded live, save the story before deleting it. Also, save the edits on your phone. Re-upload the story once your glitch is fixed. This method will surely fix Instagram story upload failed issue.

4. Refrain from using GIFs

In one incident, Samsung users discovered that the Instagram story won’t upload when it included a GIF. The uploading processes lagged. Once the GIF was removed, story was published without any difficulty. Deleting the GIF from the story removes the bug that was preventing the story from publishing.

5. Update Instagram

If the above instructions fail to work, it appears that there is a bug in the app. In that scenario, update the app to its latest version. There is a high probability that the bugs in the previous version have been removed in the latest version. 

6. Clear the app’s cache

 Clearing the app’s cache is one other option to remove the bugs that were preventing your story from uploading. Go to your phone’s Settings and clear the ‘Cache and Data’. Restart the app now. Your story will be able to get published without any difficulty.

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These were 6 methods to fix Instagram story won’t upload issue in easy steps. I hope we were able to clear the issue of Instagram story upload failed for you. If you are still facing Instagram upload failed issue then let us know in the comments down below. We will surely help you to get it fixed.

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