“Kmp External Codec Libvlcjni.so Cpu Arm64-v8a” Fix

A lot of users are looking for kmp external codec libvlcjni.so cpu arm64-v8a downloads so that they can play a media file that they want to play. If you want to download the kmp external codec libvlcjni.so files then you have to follow few simple steps. Before we move to that, let’s see what Kmp exteranl codec actually is.

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What’s is Kmp exteranl codec?

It is actually a media player just like the VLC media player. You can also find it by the name K-media player. It does support a lot of different media formats. If you want to run this media player you need a code or a script which is special and is known by the name codec.

Once you download the kmp external codec libvlcjni.so cpu arm64-v8a files you will be able to run the K-media player very smoothly. Now, let’s look at the method with the help of which you will be able to download the kmp external codec libvlcjni.so in no time and run the media player smoothly.

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Download The KMP external codec libvlcjni.so

It is very easy to download these files. You can easily download the file on your mobile. It will run easily on the mobiles which contains CPU arm64-v8a. Let’s move forward towards the procedure to download kmp external codec libvlcjni.so:

  • Download the KMP external codec: Download from here
  • Make sure you download it in the downloads folder.
  • Now, extract zip and find a file names as “.so” file.
  • Further, go to the “Downloads” folder which is in the main storage and then create a folder which is called the “KMP”.
  • Move your .so file into the KMP folder.
  • Update your settings in the kmp app: you have to make sure that you have checked External codec use.
  • Finally, you have to restart your KMPlayer application, and then you can enjoy any video.

Note: You have to keep the libvlcjni.so file in both “/sdcard/KMP” as well as the “/sdcard/Download”.

Final Words

These were the simple steps to download the kmp external codec libvlcjni.so cpu arm64-v8a file and run the application to enjoy your favorite videos. If you still have any questions related to this issue, mention them in the comments down below.

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