Longest Snapchat Streak (2023) | Detailed Guide

Are you eager to know what’s the highest snap streak? It’s easy to take social media for granted, but there are some things you might not realize about Snapchat streaks. After all, these are the screens for which social media is meant to be used. Streaks give you meaningful content and significantly impact your life, but they’re not always easy to maintain. So, we will let you know about the longest snapchat streak. 

Streaks are just one of many fun small features that Snapchat frequently includes for its users. 

Who has the longest Snapchat streak of all time?

For the longest snapchat streak, the record is about 6 years, held by Chris “Ace” Laskowski and his friend, Craig. They started their peaceful relationship in high school, where they have been together since then. Their relationship was tested and strengthened at times, but they always returned stronger than they were before.

Here is the the longest snapchat streak ever!

  1. Samko and Fatmis, 2492+ days
  2. Laura and Lisa, 2291+ days
  3. Robert Arcese & Um Antonio, 2161+ days
  4. Robert Arcese & Justin Jugs, 2101+ days
  5. Patrick and Ryan, 1501+ days. 
  6. Francesca and Rachel, 1401+ days. 
  7. Josie and Em, 1350+ days. 
  8. Jayden and Ashley 1344+ days. 
  9. Miriam and Alyssa, 1342+ days. 
  10. Sarah and Patrick, 1341+ days. 
  11. Daniel and Mayra, 1329+ days. 
  12. Andrew and Amber, 1326+ days. 

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Is there a Snapchat streak limit? 

No, the length of your streak will not be constrained. Different emojis are given to it depending on how long a streak is. You can start a streak with someone by using the fire emoji and terminate a streak with someone by using the hourglass emoji.

The two of you have been streaking for 100 days if there is a 100 emoji next to the icon of the person you are texting.

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How does a snap streak work? 

Snapchat streaks are automatically recorded for you once you send a “snap” (a picture or short video which disappears after 1-10 seconds) or view one from a friend. You can find your current snap streak by going to the highest snap streak to your “Snapchat” homepage, where you see the number of days under your username.

  • Streak of 1 day: Your streak is over.
  • Streak of 10 days: You can reply with multiple emojis to tell your friend what you feel.
  • Streak of 20 days: You can touch the screen and make a “face” to send a written message that won’t disappear.
  • Streak of 30 days: You can record a voice message for Snapchat for up to 3 minutes before it disappears. These messages also disappear after 30 seconds have passed.
  • Streak of 100 days: Your Snapchat streaks will show up on your stories with 100 emoji stickers next to them, in the shape of a clock hand with an hourglass on end.

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Is there a way to recover a Snap streak?

If you want to know what’s the highest snap streak ever, then it’s possible. First, you need to post your Snapchat streak publicly on the internet so other people can see it. This means that you have to be very open about your Snapchat streak. Once these streaks are published, people will send you the link where they can see this history of yours in a list.

Once your snap streak is public, you can always recover it by sending a new snap to the person that got deleted from your friend list or their friends or from some of their follower

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