LuckyCrush (Live Random Video Chat) | Detailed Review

Luckycrush is an app launched by three friends where you can randomly flirt with strangers on video chat. This website is for virtual flirting. Basically, you are connected to a person of the opposite gender like women are connected to men, and you can flirt with them. You can video chat for hours if you don’t have any problem talking to the person you are connected with but keep in mind if you or the person clicks, the “next” option appears on your screen. The video chat will end with the person, and you will be connected to another stranger. 

Within just a year, this website has experienced a boost in its growth, with more than 10M users during and after lockdown. This website was created as an experiment( a joke, according to its founder), but now it is a profitable startup with fast growth. This article will tell you about luckycrush. 

What is LuckyCrush?

It is a video chat website where you meet strangers like Omegle. Two users are randomly connected to each other on a video chat. They can click the “next” option if they want to switch to a new random partner. This site is better than others like Omegle because here, only opposite gender people are connected, like men are connected to women and women are connected to men only. It is like a dating app, but it is not exactly a dating app. there are simple rules on LuckyCrush; you are on this website to experience ephemeral flirting online. You don’t do it for a long time, you are not here to give any type of commitment to anyone. 

There is no meeting of the users in real life; they are completely unknown and don’t share their personal details with the person they are connected to. This website aims to allow users to flirt with a real-life unknown person via live chat. Three French engineers created this concept. This website experienced fast growth initially, but during the lockdown, it experienced 500% growth in a day and now has more than 10M users from more than 100 countries.

The website and video features are available on both desktop and mobile so that you can start the tap from any browser. It doesn’t matter if you are on a desktop or mobile; you can use the website without downloading the app. The registration regulation ensures that there are always approximately 50% men and 50% women online at any time on the website. The website rules include that users can’t share their personal details, which keeps them safe and anonymous. Members can ask for payments. 

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How To Use LuckyCrush?

To start on LuckyCrush, you have to select your gender first. Your browser will ask you to enable the webcam and microphone so that you can do a video chat. After enabling both things, the website will match you with an unknown person of the opposite gender in a few seconds. 

The video quality provided by the website is quite impressive. But if you or your partner have a low-speed Internet connection, you can face low-quality chat.

It is the website that provides you with the opportunity to meet new people. I hope this article has helped you to know important things about LuckyCrush.

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