What Does MBD Mean In Texting? Detailed Guide

Texting in today’s generation has totally changed its format. Long paragraphs have become obsolete. Millennials as well as Gen Z have adapted to this new age texting. Instead of calling, people nowadays prefer dropping texts even for official purposes. Long chats are preferred among friends instead of conversations. When people are chatting, for faster replies, they tend to use various abbreviations. Various emojis are also being used during texting. 

As the industrial market is being taken over by the young generation, the abbreviations are also being used in offices and workplaces.  So, with time some abbreviations of phrases like IDK, MDB, LOL have become common knowledge. The older generation is trying hard to adapt to these phrases as they often wonder what the abbreviations mean. So, in this article, we will get to know what does MBD mean in texting.

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MBD: What does it mean in texting?

IF you are wondering what does MBD mean in texting, you have come to the right place. MBD simply means, My Bad Dudes! MBD is an acronym as well as an abbreviation. It is a phrase that has its meaning. Other common acronyms are IDK which means I don’t know or LOL which means laughing out loud. MBD can be used independently or even in a sentence. MBD has picked up and is quite commonly used nowadays. 

So, if you receive a text mentioning MBD, the sender is saying My Bad Dudes. It is a way of apologising or saying that it’s their fault. But only in a sarcastic way! My bad dudes are also used in daily conversations by accepting your mistake when you want to avoid arguments. Sometimes it also implies that the other person does not deserve your apology.

Time to use MBD in your conversation

As you have come to know what does MBD mean in texting, you should have an idea of how to use it. But if you are still struggling to incorporate the abbreviation in your texts, we are here to help. You can use the acronym during:

  • Talking to friends, classmates, colleagues, or cousins. It is mostly used during informal chats.
  • To apologise at times when you know it’s not your mistake, but have to say sorry just for the sake of it. Just send MBD instead of I’m sorry.
  • When you see that an argument is getting heated up, and it’s better to avoid further debate. Say MBD, and come out of the situation.

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You should not use MBD at times when:

  • You are having a formal conversation, like you are talking to your boss or your senior at work place.
  • Do not use it with your parents.
  • You are in class and talking to your teacher or professor.
  • Though the older generation has updated themselves, yet few lags behind. So, it’s better not to use these acronyms when a person is not accustomed. 

As you have come to know now what does MBD mean in texting, start using it and save time!

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