Odin Stuck On Setup Connection Fix | 3 Easy Methods

Odin is software created by Samsung. It is used by Samsung devices to communicate internally using Odin mode. It is used by Samsung devices to flash custom recovery firmware images i.e., modified ROM and images. However, many Samsung device users face problems while setting up Odin and having an error Odin stuck on setup connection. Odin freezes at setup connection. The application gets stuck on a setup connection during the flashing of ROM. The error might arise due to several reasons.

If you are facing the same issue, you need not worry. We are providing a bunch of solutions to the Odin stuck on setup connection problem.

3 methods To Resolve Odin Stuck on Setup connection Error

Method 1

If you are looking for possible fixes for setup connection of Odin, then the first thing you need to try is to load the PIT file of the device. Follow the instructions given below to load your PIT file:

  • On the Odin screen, you will see a “PIT” tab. Click on that and load the device’s PIT file.
  • Go to the “Options” tab and turn on the “Re-Partition” option.
  • Now, Odin should start flashing files properly.

If the preceding solution is of no use, then try the next thing.

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Method 2

Generally, loading the PIT file of the device solves the setup connection of Odin error. But, if that fails, rebooting the download mode helps.  To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Open Odin and make sure that the files are placed in their respective slots.
  • Now go to the Settings page and see if “Auto Reboot” is activated.  The option should be ticked to turn it on.
  • Click on Start once you enable “Auto Reboot”. Hold down the volume down + Bixby button + power button simultaneously as soon as you click “Start”.
  • Odin will fail the flashing procedure. This will reboot your phone into download mode again.
  • Once it is finished, click on “Start” again. This will start Odin into flashing files into your device again.

It is possible that the process fails the first time and Odin freezes at setup connection. So, repeat it 2-3 times. If still your setup connection Odin causes issues, move on to the next method.

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Method 3

  • Simply, restart your device. In case you were flashing firmware, this would soft brick your device. So don’t worry. You can re-flash the software using Odin. Ensure that you have a backup of all data of your device because this may wipe it out.
  • When your device is still in off mode, if you press down the “Power off + Volume key”, you will be launched into Odin mode. This is not a cause of panic. Turn your device back on and everything will work properly. This is how you can fix Odin’s stuck on setup connection.

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Final Words

Trying the mentioned methods should have resolved the error. But if Odin freezes at setup connection again, then update the Odin software on your PC. This problem is frequently encountered when the PC’s software is outdated. 

We hope the information provided helps you out when Odin freezes at setup connection and the issue with Odin stuck on setup connection is fixed.

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