‘PayPal Ship Now’ PayPal’s New Service

PayPal is a worldwide accepted and used payment method. It has become the most important method of digital payment in the world.  

Lately, they have launched shipping services called ‘PayPal Ship Now’. We will shed some light on that in this article. Important information about PayPal payment services will also be mentioned. 

About PayPal Shipping services: 


Online business is a prospering market and more and more people are joining the profession. Often, online businesses are run from home or offices that entails delivering items on a regular basis. This could be very tedious if you require to go to US Postal Services or other shipping services daily. 

To make the process easier, PayPal has come with its new independent shipping services. PayPal Shipping services promise to make deliveries smoother, speedier, and easier. Various advantages and features of PayPal Ship Now are enlisted in this article. 

Features of PayPal Shipping Services: 

  • You can easily ship your products with USPS or UPS shipping services. A tracking ID will be provided to assure prompt delivery and shipment status. 
  • No extra charges or subscription for PayPal Ship Now is required to avail of its services. The standard shipping rates according to weight and postal codes are applicable. 
  • Shipping labels can be printed from your PayPal account easily. 
  • Multiple goods and packages can be sent at once.  
  • Tracking can also be done from your PayPal account. 
  • Packing slips can also be made. 
  • Payment is based on the type of service, weight, and size of your cargo. 

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Using PayPal Shipping Services: 

  • The link to PayPal Shipping Services is PayPal.com ship now. You have to simply log in to your PayPal account. 
  • Bookmark the PayPal.com ship now for easy access to log in. 
  • After logging in, click on the PayPal shipping link: Click Here
  • Enter your customer’s shipping address. 
  • In order to ship to the entered address, click on ‘ship to this address. 
  • Choose your preferred carrier service, type, and package type. 
  • Additional services such as tracking services and signature confirmation on delivery may also be opt.  options for payment of shipping costs are available. You can pay through PayPal balance, debit, or credit card. 

Follow the simple steps after logging in to PayPal.com ship now and fulfil your shipment order. 

Steps to print PayPal Shipping Label from your PayPal account 

  • Follow the steps mentioned above to calculate your shipping costs. 
  • After completion of payment, you can print the shipping label. 
  • After confirmation of payment, click on ‘Print’. 
  • If your computer is connected to a printer, your label will be printed. 
  • Glue the printed label on the surface of your cargo package. 
  • Though there is a condition that USPS labels can be bought via PayPal balance. 
  • Take your package to any UPS collection centre or post office. 

In the case of a return package, you can opt for reimbursement. Whether your package is eligible for reimbursement or not, can be checked on their program, Return Shipping on US. 

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