PCNOK: Goals, Features & Advantages

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Multiple organisations function in the healthcare industry. In addition, the motivations and strategies of these organisations vary widely. PCNOK is only one example of such a healthcare group.

PCNOK: What is it? 

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, or PCNOK as it’s more often known, is an umbrella group for Oklahoma’s 19 Community Health Centers. The company’s first day of operation was in 2014. And there was really just one objective. The goal was to improve Oklahomans’ healthcare systems to make them more competitive.

Community Behavioral Health Organizations and Community Health Centers have come together to form PCNOK, as stated on their website. The company provides its services to all 77 counties of Oklahoma. They exert effort to ensure that they can improve people’s lives in Oklahoma.

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PCNOK’s Goals 

PCNOK’s only purpose is to accomplish one specific goal and  According to its website, this includes working to “improve care, make people healthier, and reduce wasteful expenditure.”

This group is crucial to Oklahomans’ access to cutting-edge digital health care. Patients with chronic diseases get emotional and practical assistance, as well as comprehensive rehabilitation programmes. Also, they advise Oklahoma residents on how to improve their health and spread good lifestyle habits.

The PCNOK is established to achieve the following goals:

  • More efficient use of healthcare funds is needed.
  • Adopting a healthier way of living.
  • Enhancement of physical and mental wellness.
  • Locations with convenient access to medical services.

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How does PCNOK function?

  • The PCNOK facilitates its member’s access to information regarding the health of the state’s population via several surveys. The information gathered from these surveys will be used to improve Oklahomans’ access to digital healthcare.
  • Through their contractual obligations to each other, PCNOK advocates for healthy lifestyles. This group forms the backbone of the digital health infrastructure necessary to care for chronically unwell individuals. This may occur because of advanced age or a chronic health condition.

PCNO’s Key Features

In case you were wondering what other benefits this healthcare network offers, we’ve compiled a short list for your perusal. Some of the key aspects of PCNOK are as follows:

  • Constant monitoring including remote monitoring 
  • Tele-Health.
  • Personal Trainers
  • Medical Staffs team 

Advantages of PCNOK

  • The organisation guarantees that patients get top-notch treatment without ever having to leave their homes.
  • The group uses technological services to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers.
  • PCNOK is useful since it facilitates patient monitoring for medical staff.
  • Helping patients may be done by doctors remotely.
  • Family members may rest easy knowing their loved one’s health is being looked after by a trustworthy institution.

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Wrapping it UP!!

When it comes to digital healthcare, PCNOK is one of the biggest groups out there. They put forth the effort to guarantee that their healthcare facilities are first-rate and that they can contact patients digitally. Additionally, they are making efforts to improve their healthcare facilities in order to promote and give the greatest available health-related solutions to Oklahomans.

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