Tiktok Attractive Scale | Detailed Guide To Increase Attractiveness

People are fond of using TikTok because they can see short videos there. You might be one of those users. Everyone is aware of how popular TikTok is. Everyone wants to know how attractive they are. So TikTok developed a feature known as the attractive scale tiktok. 

What is the TikTok Attractiveness Scale? 

It is a filter developed by TikTok that helps you know how hot and attractive you are. To use the attractive scale tiktok, you have to take a selfie video, and the feature will tell you how hot you are. At one point in our life, we promote that looks should not be judged, and on the other hand, we want to know about this random crazy feature that tells you how good-looking you are. 

The attractive scale tiktok is trending all around the world, and if you score ten on this, you are considered stunning and become the most attractive person by the user’s choice. 

Each celebrity has already been given a ranking, and you are compared to those celebrities. It is for both men and women. 

You have to download the incel attractiveness chart to check the attractive scale.

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Tiktok Attractive Scale: How Attractive Are You? 

Female TikTok attractive scale 

Female TikTok attractive scale 

Who do you consider the most attractive woman? 

Face traits like face shape, forehead size, nose shape, mouth size, chin, and facial symmetry are the deciding factors of the TikTok attractive scale. With this body shape and flawless skin are also the rank influencing features. 

If you score the highest on the TikTok attractiveness scale, you are considered extremely attractive, hot, and stunning. You have two or more perfect body parts. 

If you want to get the highest ranking, there should be no blemishes(virtual) on your face. The top rankers are Emma Watson and Amy Schumer. They are given 10 out of 10.

Male TikTok attractiveness scale 

Male TikTok attractiveness scale

Whom will you rank 10 out of 10 in males? Tiktok has already given ranking to all male celebrities. 

Following are the factors that influence your ranking on the attractive scale Tiktok:

  • Attractive body 
  • Good hygiene 
  • Square face 
  • Clear masculine face value 
  • Intense eyes 

If you have any of the features mentioned above, getting high scores is increased.

How Can You Increase The Attractive TikTok Scale? 

If you want to increase your rating, then Follow the ways that I am mentioning below: 

  • Watch some youtube videos to understand the use of the incel attractive scale well. You can surely get a high score if you know the proper trick to use the attractive scale filter. 
  • Upload a clear pic with a brightening filter. If you upload a pic with a brightening filter, then the chances are high that your ranking will be increased. 
  • Observe how other people are posting their pics and videos. Try the same pose. Prepare your looks properly, do the makeup well, and increase your chances of a high score. Post your best picture when you apply an it. 

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I hope this article has helped you know everything about the tiktok attractiveness scale and will help you increase your ranking on the scale.

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