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Live.wpc2025.com login is a website that allows you to register with your username and password for live video streaming from the WPC 2020 conference in Beijing. This site does not provide any other content or services, and is just the login page for one of their live streams from the event.

The online registration service requires you to provide information like name, phone number, birthdate, gender, email address, user name and password all before proceeding with registration or signing-up process as either “live” viewer or “non-live” viewer at wpc2025 live audience access area.

The reason behind the limitation of registration/sign-up on this website lies in the fact that it restricts people who do not have a Chinese ID or passport from signing up. The security issue which stems from using only one password and username is another major problem faced by many internet users.

wpc2025 login 

wpc2025 login

Steps for lwpc2025 login live :

  • Choose a video stream to watch in the “Free stream” section. 
  • Login using your user name and password to the platform, live.wpc2025.com.
  • Enter the  wpc2025 login information you have registered using, including phone number and email address: [to enable email sign-up]. 
  • Click on “Sign In” button on the bottom left corner. The system will then ask for a Chinese name or ID card, or passport number as verification of passport usage (if not already registered) Enter as required and click “Sign In” You are now checked into the site.

wpc2025 live com login 

Test your login: 

  • Enter the username and password you have created when signing up on “Login” page, and then click on “Sign In”
  • If the username and password are correct, you will be directed to a page for choosing video streams (as mentioned earlier), or if the browser is a new one, it will be diverted to an advertisement. 
  • Let’s say, if this does not happen, something must be wrong with your login information, which might have resulted from bad typing or incorrect validation of the Chinese ID card number. 
  • If you are logged in from overseas, it might take some time for the video stream to start playing due to factors like distance and internet traffic.

As a registered viewer of wpc2025 login z you will be able to watch the live video stream of the event in real-time. You will also be able to access the ‘non-live’ version of the site by going to “User” section and then click on “Free view”.

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Some drawbacks in wpc2025 live com login

The major drawback to using this website is that you are not permitted on this site as a non-live audience member or viewer. Many people who have signed up for free viewing by entering their email address and password in the website have only managed to see ads on the site for days before being denied access after having been logged in for some time.

The main reason for this is that people who have not registered for the event are being denied access through the use of self-generated passwords.

This has led to a great deal of frustration in some places as users claim they have been trying to log in for an hour before giving up, being redirected to a page saying they cannot access, and then seeing the same ads on another site. 

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